About Us

For more than three decades Dascom has been involved in business printing solutions, telecommunications, and advanced technology – serving some of the largest international clients in the world. With a global reach serving nearly 200 countries our advanced solutions help businesses around the world or just around the corner maximize their office efficiency.

Our mission and philosophy has long been to be the world leader in serial printing technology. From barcodes, bills of lading, invoices, multi-part forms and a host of other critical documents, Dascom is the company that commerce calls on when seeking the best in in cost-effective total print solutions.While we remain committed to being the leader in new printer products and solutions, Dascom is also keenly focused on the future and diversified solutions to make our world a better place.

For example, Dascom LED Lighting Solutions, with lighting marketed under the Sonaray brand name is at the forefront of lighting technology. Our goal is to provide the absolute best in energy efficient lighting solutions. This saves our clients’ money, provides them with unmatched clarity for their lighting environment, and preserves the natural resources of our world by reducing carbon footprint and lessening waste.

Dascom LED Lighting Solutions are a premiere choice for customers who want the best in quality components, research and development, design and customer service. From tubes, high bay lighting, down lights, street lighting and MR16 offerings,our Sonaray products and solutions light the world in a way that has lasting effect now and in the years to come.

At Dascom , we’re also interested in the health and fitness of our world. As such, we’re pleased to offer a broad range of fitness monitoring devices in our healthcare solutions division. These devices represent the absolute best in precision monitoring and even include custom web applications that provide users with a tool to monitor their health, participate and interact in social events surrounding their health, and give our clients a true ownership in the role of improving and monitoring their fitness.

From our global headquarters in Hong Kong to our six spacious research and development centers, and state of the art manufacturing facility in the bustling city of Jiangmen, China, Dascom is positioned for the future with the goal to provide our clients with the best of breed in products and services in a variety of markets.

At Dascom our boundaries are broad and we believe our future is limited only by the depth of our innovation and imagination.